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Testimonials for Dr Douglas Herting

Walnut Creek Chiropractor

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I had a headache for an entire day that would not go away. Dr Herting adjusted my neck, and not even five or ten minutes later I had forgotten all about my headache!
Wendi H., Concord CA

As soon as Dr Herting and I began a consistently maintained individualized program I began to feel results. I gradually increased the range of motion in my neck and the soreness decreased. My nightly wake ups have disappeared and my overall mood has lifted. I was also educated on appropriate stretching exercises, sleeping habits, and about my neck, back and body. I was pleased that Dr. Herting took the time to describe to me the process of his chiropractics and the physical aspects of his treatment.
Lucy M, Walnut Creek

I’m a recent patient of Dr Herting, D.C. and his treatments have greatly improved my range of motion of my neck and my driving safer. He is very professional and I recommend him to others.
Ben Z, Walnut Creek, CA

Thanks you for the great care and results I have been enjoying. The results include relief from a painful neck problem that had my neck and upper back muscles stiff and partially immobile, my neck was stuck. Now I can move comfortably and have much improved range of motion. Thanks you!
— Margaret R, Pleasant Hill CA

Since I started care with Dr Herting I have not had one sinus infection even after several airplane rides! I also have not had to take Advil or sudafed. This has been a big improvement for me.
Beth E., Walnut Creek, CA

Since I’ve been coming to Dr. Herting, my headaches are gone and I’m able to sleep through the night without low back pain.
Mary V, Walnut Creek, CA

I strained my back for about the fifth time and thanks to Dr Herting and his treatment he has been able to make it go away. Thanks.
Lewis N., Walnut Creek

When I first came to Dr. Herting, I had headaches every day and the movement of my neck and lower back were minimal. Since I have been coming in for adjustments weekly, I no longer experience headaches and pain in my back. Daily tasks that were once considered painful now do not interfere with my every day routine.
Brittany N., Walnut Creek

Over the past few months I have regained the movement in my back, neck and shoulder. I can actually go through the day without having to compensate for physical limitations and pain. The relief I have achieved has been far beyond any expectations I had when I started. I had actually forgotten how it felt to have the muscles and joints in my upper body move and be pain free.
Lynn D., Concord

“Through a combination of diet (eliminating simple carbohydrates, especially sugar) abnd chiropractic care, headaches and sinus pressure have almost totally disappeared. Four months into the year and there have only been two days when I have had sinus discomfort. I find this remarkable since this was a chronic problem wh8ich neither traditional nor nontraditional medicine was able to help. I will always be thankful to Dr Herting for the help he has given me and I would highly recommend him.
Gloria B, Walnut Creek